Getting to know other Like Minded Kindred Teachers

Since the long move to Ohio I haven’t met any potential friends. Well until… The oh so kind universe has concocted a meeting of kindred teachers of like mind.
If your a teacher or soon to be it’s uber important to find teachers of like mind especially your first year of teaching.

What do I mean by finding teachers of like mind? Well I mean teachers who’s Philosophy is similar to yours; personality, character, and reasons why you are a teacher.

My kindred teacher friends happen to be very loving, compassionate, kind, meek, strict, lovers of English, learning, and helping others.

They have 10-15 years in their pocket and have taken me under their wing and gee golly gee whiz I am so grateful!

I love how our convos consist of excited banter on fun folder activities for the kids. Each pocket for note cards can be character, setting, plot, vocab, or characters actions vs. character dialogue. Gee that’s a really good idea.
We exchange our ideas and swap them like shared treasures.

The awesome uplift in encouragement, the lifting up of spirits in confidence and creativity and abilities is much needed from fellow kindred teachers. Yes of course there’s the soap box we all need to dispensed from our irritated shoulders, but for the most part it is encouragement and engagement with fellow educators that helps teachers stay teachers and improve.

Life teaches teachers to be friends to one another to uplift and encourage one another, and to share our gifts.


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