So far so good?


I finally got the job of my dreams right. Wrong.
My first year of teaching has been one hella roller coasta ride…. Of love that is.

Anywho let me explain why I would say that. I have never felt more exhausted and where bad and good days can change so fast between class periods.

Some days I like my 3rd period class the best. Some days my 3rd period class makes me  want to yell at the top of my lungs like a crazy psycho and rip out pages from books because that’s what teachers would never do.

I never thought I’d be that teacher that’s strict or mean or harsh. But from this side of the fence I’m really just trying to be fair not to be liked, but fair and be there to teach. From theirs it might seem cruel or even intentional.

Some days I go home thinking today was the best day! And I get a fuzzy feeling of feeling accomplished. Other days I feel like the defeated enemy, when I am only trying to get students to learn about plot.

Some days I love how parents are so supportive of you in the endeavor to whoop their kid into tip top academic shape.
Other times I feel insulted and a little sad that I am the worst teacher ever in their eyes and can’t sleep very well that night.

Like everything, the Greek philosophers said once, it’s all about perspective. Right they said that I’m sure.

I’ve also learned how to be severely quick on my figurative toes when it deals with coming up with a quick answer.

Well. Life is all about balance. Especially remaining neutral about problems. If problems arise you should remain totally neutral no matter how scary of a threat it could be. The worst that could happen is you’ll lose your job and be homeless right? Even then trust in a higher power is absolutely necessary.

I have also learned to let things go fast. Like a few minutes have passed fast. You have a room full of prepubescent preadolescent humans crying, laughing, socializing about being social, and eager for love, guidance, and acceptance unconditionally. Sometimes I feel they are mentally on another planet that I have a hard time relating to. Especially when you want them to grasp a concept that took you an hour to prepare.

You put that aside for a minute to let them choose what they want to learn about and you have them in the palm of your hand.

the irony of life!

It’s hard when teachers are the punching bags for a lot of crappy behavior and irresponsibility.  I’m not talking about the kids here. But society in general.

Yet we gulp that down with a smile on our face.

Those not enough moments I allow myself to be like them, carefree, wild, and free, everything shifts, The less you want to control the less negative behavior you get.

And free it teaches me to go back to my roots. Go back to the days when things weren’t so serious all the time. When I do that, I listen to them, and they listen to me. Now that I’m older and wiser. I now know happiness is all about perspective. No matter who says what about you, you gotta grow thick skin with monster horns on it.


Life teaches us to enjoy the small moments in life and to not let the negative bring you down. We all make mistakes. Forgive others forgive ourselves.Stay strong stay you.


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