Judging Others Means Judging Yourself; Caring what others think of you

We are all like a room full of mirrors reflecting the essence of who we are, identifying with each other’s experience, and being the creators of our own.

In a span of a few minutes I had an interesting life lesson revealed. I found myself judging a yoga instructor on youtube, thinking, “Ahha! She isn’t perfect! She even seems to be a little egotistical! I’m just a tad bit better in that respect.”

I know horrible huh.
I stopped for awhile to assess my sinful judgement.

“Stop judging you judger! You!” I thought.
“Gosh look at you now your way up there huh, ya come back down to this old familiar town called earth”

I looked a little deeper. Well dug is more like it. I dug and dug deep.

It was really an issue stemming from being judged myself. Or misjudged I should say.
And that’s what really was bothering me.
It wasn’t Adriene the yoga instructor at all on youtube. It was Mrs. Mahself and I and taking offense to what others thought of me.

It ended right there. The judging of the yoga instructor. The judging of myself for judging. The blemish of the judger who judged me. Of the whole mental ordeal. I forgave all involved. It was all just a little misunderstanding. A little drama to end the day.

I’m happy to know that meditation and prayer or internal work is paying off by being able to capture each thought and evaluate motives, emotions, situations with a positive outlook and objective lens. And It’s barely the beginning.

-life teaches us to let go of judgements of others and of ourselves


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