Living A Balanced Lifestyle

>”Time ticks away once and then is gone, so spend it wisely. There’s never too much time spent nourishing yourself and your soul.” -You Know My own Quote

This year has flown like a hawk dipping and diving. I don’t know if I told you but being a jobless graduate isn’t as bad as you would think. It has lent me endless possibilities. As soon as I let go of the thought of finding a job I regained composure and started fueling my will power and thought patterns into, I will get a job not I want. And… so I did.

I will start my first year as an 8th grade English Teacher in the wild west once again or Viva Las Vegas.

Goodbye cold winters! Sayonara. Hasta La vista baby. Anyways.

I am super excited. I intensely missed the dessert climate and had no idea how attached to the landscape I was or to Mexican food.

I envision to be my best self in all things I do. Through being up in Ohio I have learned much more than about my career. I also realized a few important aspects that I absolutely need in order to feel balanced, healthy, and energized.

1) I need meditation and prayer everyday, twice, three, times more the better I need it

2) eating healthy. Cooking a balanced meal with time conscious awareness. Feeling how my body reacts to certain foods at certain times and creating balance. Essential.

3) Yoga. It is mediation and a natural massage at the same time and its FREE! Getting those tense knots out of my back and neck are super important.

4) not spending too much time on the internet or with technology. I lose a ton of time just googling or watching youtube. that actually ,I’ve noticed, has made me feel more stress and less connected to reality. Super important to take a vaca from technology for a few days. take a walk, clean the house, read a real book.

5) exercise. Running in a forest is awesome, anywhere in nature is much needed. get out get moving.

6)positive attitude. I really feel the importance of balance in body, mind, and spirit is essential in creating a positive attitude. A positive attitude is tied into those things. The more healthier food I eat the more better I feel less stressed and more energy, which helps my moods. doing yoga is instant happiness, and feeling connected to the breath and the body. Meditation is just pure essence and being. Prayer is connection to God.

By incorporating these essential needs into my life I am happy. Period. Absolutely. Your body, mind, and spirit needs to be nourished everyday you can’t take a day off from that. It will be interesting to see how my life changes and how to live a spiritual/Islamic (whatever religion you are) life in a worldly life. I just heard from a lecture that it is possible and if you take 1 or 2 hours a day kept away for yourself for your spiritual, mental, and overall health then it is possible. But you must have desire or Will.

Life Teaches Us to Give Time to Nourish Ourselves and Our Souls.

p.s. There is a reason I mentioned Islam and more blogs soon about that 🙂


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