What to Pack for a 10 Day Trip to Peru

  For this trip I wanted to travel light so that I could take my luggage on the plane with me to avoid getting it lost or delayed in a totally new country. So here is what I packed for my trip to Peru for 10 days in a 22 liter backpack.

Items to buy that will come in handy for the trip:

  1. 22 Liter Backpack
  2. Cargo Pants that can zip into pants or shorts
  3. Water Pack
  4. Merrells-Falcon Women’s Hiking Shoe (comfortable running shoes would work as well)
  5. sun hat with neck protector

Simple Packing Checklist:

  1. A medium to light jacket
  2. 3 pairs of pants
  3. 1 pair of yoga pants
  4. 5 t-shirts
  5. a simple and light weight going out dress
  6. 1 pair of flats, and hiking or running shoes
  7. extra underwear and socks
  8. a small travel case for toiletries (left room to buy all liquids like shampoos/sunscreen in Peru since the dollar goes farther)
  9. small travel bag (for hiking or holding souvenirs)

Another Reason to Pack Light

Another reason to pack lightly is because in Peru the hotels and places around tourist areas have laundry services. You could also find a laundry place outside on the street. Laundry usually costs 10 soles per kilo. Which would equal about $3 US dollars!

Considering Weather in June and July

The weather is slightly colder during June and July and is considered the dry months. It is basically Peru’s winter.  I ended up packing more shorts and tank tops than necessary and ended up buying warmer clothes in Lima. If you’re on a budget then bringing pants and a light jacket would make you more comfortable.

Here is what I brought with me on the trip:

Things I would change or pack differently if I were to go again:

  1. More pants less shorts
  2. Comfortable running shoes instead of hiking shoes (it helped on Huayna Picchu, but running shoes with a good grip can do the job just fine)
  3. bring a nice pair of flats and a  nice shirt for going out
  4. stay in Cusco, Machu Picchu longer and see the rest of the ruins in the Sacred Valley


Think practical, simple, light, fun and comfortable when packing for a trip to Peru. Enjoy and safe travels!







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