Travel to Peru Dirt Cheap for the Pinched for Pennies Adventurer

If you want to check out how my trip was check out the video below:

Depending on how much mula you want to save on a trip to Peru you can literally go and travel to Machu Picchu for dirt cheap. Here’s some tips and tricks.

Tip #1

Book hostels not hotels.

Booking at a hostel not a hotel provides you with half the price. Pay a private bedroom for $30 a night or share a room for $15-20.

Tip #2

Track flight costs on the Hipmunk app.

Use the Hipmunk app to help track airline costs and lets you know if prices change. You could get a round trip ticket to Peru from the U.S. sometimes for $560 dollars. That’s cheap!

Tip #3

Play the Game-Bargain with the Locals.

IMG_5982 Many shops that look like this in Ollaytaytambo.

I learned this trick from living in El Paso. It was fun to go across the border to Juarez, Mexco and bargain at swap meets. You play the bargaining game and try to acquire an item for a few pesos less. Same in Peru, you get a feel for how much things can costs. Sometimes a keychain or a souvenir you wanted was 3 Sols or $1 at one shop and then 3 shops down it’s 1 Sol or 30 cents. So bargain and have a set price in your mind. They say 10 Sols you say 7. They say 8 and maybe you accept maybe you don’t. If they are not willing to budge move on to the next shop.

Tip #4


Don’t book through your hotel, but bargain on the street.IMG_5749.JPG(Not a taxi, but a motorcycle/car to take us to the train station for 3 Sols.)

I got a taxi ride on the street for $15 or 35 Sols vs. through hotel $24 or 60 Sols. They were both permitted and both got us to our destinations, but for very different prices. A lot of websites out there recommend you book a taxi through your hotel for safety reasons. I have to disagree with this. I felt very safe either way. Except I saved so much money by not going through the hotel.

Tip #5 

Travel with more people.

Traveling with more people to Peru and to Machu Picchu saves you money and can helps split costs. You can also pitch in for a tour guide at Machu Picchu for a lot less than by yourself or with two people.

Tip #6


Buy food from food stands or locals.IMG_6048

In Cusco when there’s events, much like in America when there’s a football game and there are concession stands, they have many family mini food stands and treats. You could buy a meal for 5 Sols ($1.50) and sit in a plastic chair with other people by a fire that’s cooking eggs or rice. Or for privacy find an inexpensive restaurant for around 15 Sols ($4). You could also buy fruit at fruit stands in the morning for 3 Sols and it’s organic!


These tips should help you travel to Peru dirt cheap. Since the US dollar goes farther in Peru I ended up saving money just in general. I would have spent way more in groceries in America  for 2 weeks than traveling to Peru and eating out at restaurants everyday. Hope this helps the pinched for pennies adventurer on their pilgrimage to Machu Picchu.





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