Classroom and My Makeover Year 3

Year 3-Year 2



Here is a snid bit of my classroom makeover for YEAR 3-YEAR 2 of Teaching:

This is my year 3 of teaching, and also my year 2 working at a title 1 school. I can’t tell you how much easier it is being at the same school and grade level for 2 years in a row. You know what to expect and improving what didn’t go so well and tweaking certain things creates more flow and a smoother start to the year. I am extremely happy  with my classroom makeover and with the way the room flows. It does influence work flow and the comfort of the room. Hopefully this gives you some ideas as well for your classroom. Here is my classroom and my makeover of year 3.


This year I wanted to manage the classroom in groups because I feel like group work to me is a challenge. So to challenge myself I set the classroom up into what I am least comfortable with on purpose. I do have to say having the class set up this way makes everything more easier to manage, and I am forced to be more explicit in what I want the kids to be doing with any given task since this set up is an invitation for

conversation. So all in all it has improved my overall classroom management .

Starting off with the paint color:


(Absolutely terrified that my room was neon seafoam but it dried a darker green and turned out okay)

The Student Center


I have my student center, an easy accessible place where students can go and get their materials (highlighters, coloring pencils, writing folders, absent folder, turn in work, late work, make up work, hand sanitizer, tissues, pencil sharpener ect). This makes it super easy for students to function in the classroom for things they need to do. They know it’s their place to go for what they need to get stuff done in my class and they don’t have to ask to do what they need to at this place.

Believe in Your #Selfie


Pinterest. I have camera fabric as my bulletin board so I wanted something to go with that theme such as self reflection or capturing ideas, moments in time, or showing student work as hard work in action. Also, the selfie is the perfect idea of capturing yourself in a photo, but I wanted to add that they are also reflecting on their inner self. In the center of the bulletin board I printed in big  bold letters, “Do something today, that your future self will thank you for.” I love this quote because it makes students think about their present actions and how it will affect them tomorrow. So the beginning of the year students made their Goal Setting banners and I had them string their banners by groups together with yarn and stapled them to the board. So that throughout the year we can look at the goals they originally wanted to achieve and perhaps reflect throughout the year.  Believing in yourself is important, but it’s also important to be willing to do the work so that the believing becomes a reality.

Vocabulary Wall Old School


What happened to old school vocabulary instruction? Our younger generation is suffering from a lack of good grammar (well any grammar) because of texting and emoji’s simplifying our language to point of ‘lost in translation.’ Grammar is not taught as often as needed, and they are losing their ability to communicate properly with each other. I can’t even read their writing because of how poorly they spell. They are also losing their ability for opportunities because they cannot write properly. I created an interactive vocabulary wall where we can engage with words in a fun and exciting way. I want to teach them that learning new words is fun and that we can add those interesting words we find to the wall like Kerfuffle.  I also want to introduce Latin roots, prefixes, suffixes to the mix. If we know these we can better break a part words and find some meaning out of ‘difficult’ words.

QHT vocabulary walls are not effective in my opinion and are just plain boring to me and to the kids. Sorry not sorry Springboard.

Plenty of White Board Spaceimg_2036

I have plenty of white board space where students can go up to the board to show  their work. I also used a huge space to place today’s date, objectives, EQ, task for the day, and homework. To be honest does any other teacher think it’s sort of a waste of time to write this everyday? I remember going to school listening to the teacher for what we had to do that day and what we were going to learn. This placed importance on what the teacher had to say. I have it because I am required to have it, but I honestly do not think it is valuable to the kids or to me in any way shape or form.

My Desk/ Lesson Planning/Student Conference Area


I have a corner where it is my space close to my teacher friends next door. I do not think this is telling the kids that there is a barrier between me and them as some trends have stated. It is signifying a space where I work to create things for them. For some reason there’s a trending idea where teacher’s don’t have desks because they want to be with the kids more. My desk doesn’t offer a place to sit so I am away from the kids more. It offers a functional space where that is where I go when I am taking attendance or switching slides on a powerpoint for them, or conferencing with them. It is a space that is comfortable while they are away so I can create lessons for them, and complete all the mundane clerical tasks that teacher’s have to do. A desk is absolutely necessary to perform these functions. I also have a couch inherited by a former teacher who moved to Colorado. It’s a round couch that makes a great conference seat for students to sit while conferencing or using it as a reward for doing a great job.

Year 3-Year 2

It is year 3- year 2 at the same school. Year 3 has proven to be much much easier than year 2. It has been definitely challenging to get to this point to where I feel I’m getting the hang of things where I can create a week of lessons in less than an hour rather than before where it was 3 or yes sometimes 5 (!) at a time when I didn’t know lesson planning is somewhat a waste of time.

I cannot encompass all that I have learned in those 3 years in mere words, but in my efforts to try I created another post with more detail about that linked below if you want to check that out:

Wonder What Teaching is Like?





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