Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertoes or Muertos

“Honor and respect those who have passed and those who are living”

I’ve heard that for Dia De Los Muertos, families in Mexico celebrate the day as a huge festival.  Authentically the skeleton should have a crown on his head. Also, families may spend up to $3oo to spend on crowns alone to place at each of their deceased family member’s graves.  At one cemetery it is not uncommon that most of the plots are generations of the same family. (WOW!) Also, on the day families cook the deceased member’s favorite foods in honor of them.

It is interesting that at this time of year than any other I reflect and think fondly of my those who have been deceased. There must be a reason that halloween, Dia De Los Muertos  and how they are celebrated during fall. In honor of the day and the beauty of the artwork of the skeletons, I helped create with my students our Dis De Los Muertos Door. 

The Dia De Los Muertos Door Contest

At my school we had a Dia De Los Muertos door competition. After I started sketching the skeleton I was like if I’m going to spend this much time on the sketch I might as well go all out for this door competition or not do anything at all.




With collaboration and help from students, we were able to win the contest!

I had some left over puff balls and the kids came up with the thought bubble idea and the decorative placement of them. The also colored in the skeleton and covered the door. They also figured out you could make flowers with the puff balls and decided to put them in the center of the eyes. Then students came up with the idea of using tissue paper and turning them into roses. We had a few students who drew skeletons, but they were accidentally thrown away. I brought some battery powered starlights from tj maxx I bought awhile ago and since it is copper wired, I used poster putty to keep it in place. I also bought Christmas bows that looked festive so I could reuse for presents for Christmas instead of buying fake flowers that I will never use again. I also thought of the quote that would inspire students to think about life and death and the purpose of Dia de los Muertos.


The Prize?

A taco fiesta where everyone got a taco and of course bragging rights, and then a really cool looking door that I’m tempted to leave up all year 🙂



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