The Fiasco San Diego Thanksgiving Trip

IMG_0155.JPG     An interesting fiasco  during our Thanksgiving trip took place. We were able to receive discounted hotel tickets for bay front rooms at the Bahia because my sister works at the hotel. Very thankful for that in and of itself. It was very enjoyable and peaceful…sort of. We got to see my nephew and did some paddle boarding. You know the usj.  A profound turn of events thing happened during the trip. All of a sudden at night at our hotel I noticed something went very awry and took a turn for the worst.

“Something went very awry and took a turn for the worst

Without getting TMI on you or getting into too much diddly details basically  I thought something about my health (God knows my sister knows) was basically so shocking, disfigured, and tumored that I thought I was going to die.

Yes I was dying.

  I started to cry like a little baby thinking that my life was literally over. I prayed to God and cried some more. I started to talk to myself and my internal dialogue was saying even if you are going to die, which one day you will, why are you so attached to this world? Isn’t that why you are so upset? I realized how attached to the world I was and to this life. The next day depressed, sad, and scared I  was mourning my fate, and feeling guilty what I had done to my body because it had to be all my fault. I am such a “health” nut right. (Turns out I was just a nut job lol) I had no idea how important or thankless I’ve always been about my health until I thought I had a serious death sentence.

“Even if you are going to die, which one day you will, why are you so attached to this world?”

We don’t realize how important our health is until it’s gone. Or at least the idea of it. I thought of all the people out there struggling with their health after Thanksgiving. Realizing it’s not easy when you have health issues. Even through the sadness I knew I would come to terms with my “death sentence” and be okay with whatever God had willed for me and my life.  San Diego was gloomy even though the sun was shining with perfect weather, while hearing the peaceful sloshes of ocean. I felt sloshy and gloomy with it all.

“We don’t realize how important our health is until it’s gone”

I also realized that health is truly wealth. I also realized that not even health should get in the way of being your main focus in life. It should be God #1. And basically the lesson that the peace of God is the ultimate wealth through all trials.

 Long story short, it was definitely an eye opening trip about where I’m at spiritually and I am absolutely humbled. I basically found out I had no tumor at all and I am completely normal. Thus, a very healthy person once again in my mind returned, and I laughed so hard at one point while researching  because I realized how ridiculous I was being, and amazed at how powerful your perceptions are which literally transforms your current state of being.

         Since then I have been still very grateful for my health and thank God everyday because even though I had nothing wrong with me, I still felt what it would be like to have a serious illness.  I feel 10 times more grateful for everything in my life and the blessing I have especially the ones I have over looked, which it’s probably impossible to know all the blessing quantifiably.

God has such a sense of humor…the joke was all on me, caused by me, at my own expense. 

Life teaches us to not worry or be afraid of God’s will even if it’s death. To be grateful even for the simplest things like breathing, or having  a good laugh. Also, not to be attached to this world for it will surely pass. And that LAUGHS are the best remedy for any “horrible” perceived situation.

Oh and there’s some really good Tacos and Burritos @ La Playa Taco Shop


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