Review on Turtlehead Hike in Red Rocks, Las Vegas, Nevada

Getting There

We drove to Turtlehead Trail from Las Vegas, and was able to get in free because of President’s Day. All you have to do is to follow the scenic road till you get to Sandstone Quarry Trailhead, park, and follow the trail signs to Turtlehead.

About 2 miles in, overlooking Sandstone Quarry

What’s the hike like?

It’s about a 2.5 mile walk to the base of the mountain. When you do start to incline that’s only the beginning of a 2 hour or so hike up the mountain to the very top. Your calves will hurt, and your thighs will burn with gratitude (at least later on that is, but not while it’s happening). 🙂 You’ll want to bring a snack, some water, and make frequent stops if you are not used to hiking a difficult trail.

Almost to the top!

Once you make it to the top, the view is spectacular and worth all the heavy breathing, and exhausted muscles. You feel like you are on top of the world, and who doesn’t like to feel like Leonardo DiCaprio? (Sorry I had to).


Don’t Forget to Sign Your Name at the Top

On the tippy top there’s a box full of stuff. Included in the stuff is a baggy, and inside the baggy is a pen and a notepad where you can write your name, and a message to all the hikers who have made it to the top. Go ahead you’ve accomplished something great, you’re alive, and you and the other fellow hikers have shared a common experience.

Practical Lessons Learned in Life and in Relationships from Hiking?!

Hiking has so many benefits. It’s not just about the health benefits of keeping fit and in shape, but it’s also a mental challenge, and metaphor for life. I learned that it’s silly to get mad about the little things especially when you’re headed in the same direction! Also, that your partner is your team mate not your enemy so work together to get to your destination, and focus your energy on getting to where you want to go. Maybe I should write a whole nother post about this topic. Let me know if you’d like to read about that in the comments below!


Happy Trails!




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