Planning a Trip on a Budget

Here is how we planned our trip to England on a Budget.

This summer we are planning a trip to England for two weeks. Here are some planning tips and tricks for planning a trip to England on a budget.

1. Search for Cheap Flights on Hipmunk

I use an app called Hipmunk that tracks flight prices to destinations you would love to go to when you want to go. It saves your list and notifies you every time the price drops or changes. That way when the price is right for your budget or is at an all time low, you get to purchase tickets for way cheaper than when googling online.


First, look up on Pinterest some ideas for your trip.  Save your pins to a board and start thinking about your must sees/dos are. From there you can start to create your timeline map for your trip. Another good idea is to search for free things to do in the cities you are visiting like museums.

3. Plan Your Trip’s Timeline Map

On a calendar or written on a sheet of paper map out your trip’s timeline. Decide what are your essential cities you would like to visit or things that you would love to do that are your must haves.

Our to do list is as follows:

  • London
    • British Museum, London Eye, Globe Theatre and Play, Hyde Park, Soho, Buckingham, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Kensington,  ect
  • Stonehenge/City of Bath
  • Manchester
    • Old Trafford Stadium, National Football Museum, John Ryland’s Library, open to whatever else
  • Lake District
    • Ambleside, Grasmere, Wordsworth’s Cottage, Gingerbread, Hiking, Biking, Sightseeing, TreeTop Adventures
  • Canterbury/White Cliffs of Dover

While deciding, we had to leave out Hadrian’s Wall which is an old Roman wall built between England and Scotland because it was so far up north. With our time constraint we decided to head back to London so we could instead enjoy the Cliffs of Dover.


4. Book Hotels First on in Advance

Once your city or cities are decided on then book your hotels way in advance that solidify your Trip’s Timeline Map. I use or Airbnb. is great for giving cheaper prices. Airbnb is good for more expensive cities you are visiting, since you are out and about anyways, you can snag a $50 room per night that’s pretty decent. Also, some hosts are very hospitable and like giving you some great ideas for restaurants to try or things to do in the city from a local’s perspective. Not only that, but many hosts will allow you to use their washer and dryer so packing light is always an option!

We are currently staying in an Airbnb while in London, and we used for cities in Manchester and the Lake District. Based on your budget you may just want to be adventurous and purchase your room at a hostel for $15 a night if you don’t mind sharing a room with strangers or $30 for a single room. You meet people from all over the world who are exploring the same city as you.

5. Book Transportation/Things to Do Second and in Advance

Once you have your hotels booked, you want to then decide on your transportation to each place. In England they have excellent city transportation via train and bus. So because of this, we are booking our train tickets about a month in advance since it’s cheaper.

Then purchase in advance tickets for things you may want to do such as museums, packages, or tours ect.

We booked in advance a play at the Globe Theatre, Old Trafford Stadium Tour, Stonehenge and Bath Tour Package ect.

6. Pack Light/Buy Some Clothes and Your Toiletries There

One of the best ways to enjoy your trip in general is to pack light. Save extra room for souvenirs. Also, pack light and don’t shop for clothes 2 months before your trip. That way you can just purchase clothes, and necessities in the city you are visiting. For example, I wish that I wouldn’t have taken so many clothes to Peru because I could have just purchased something unique in Peru that I wouldn’t be able to find in the U.S. and worn it while I was there like an Alpaca sweater.

Also, when you pack light you do not have to pay extra for putting your luggage under on the airplane. You can skip the fees. Do not take your shampoo with you or liquids, just buy the travel size when you get to your travel destination at a grocery store farther from the airport. Take a plastic foldable backpack in your luggage in case you need extra storage for souvenirs.


If you liked this post or found it useful please share!

-<3 Sarah



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