Disrespectful Student Learns a Lesson Part 2: So What Happened?!

Pardon the late post. It’s been a super busy summer this year, and lots has been happening to where I haven’t been able to write as consistently as I would like. After England I had to start packing and move to a different apartment. One that doesn’t feel like the edge of the galaxy. I love my new apartment it is just 15 minutes or so to my work!

So I promised to provide part 2 to the snippet of the disrespectful student’s; Pride and Prejudice and what came of the whole thing. And so I must. All in all I loved the ending to my story. In reality however this is what happened afterwards….


On the very last day of school students took their final exam. Prejudice didn’t show up, however, Pride did. Pride was given the test. I noticed Pride was not attempting their test at all and would stare at me when I would glance around the room. I head over to give Pride a reminder that they are here to take the final and need to be taking the test. Pride still would not attempt the test. I let them know a second time that they cannot not take the test, and that if Pride doesn’t start soon they’ll have to go sit in the dean’s office to finish. Without any hesitation Pride talked back disrespectfully with a smile and got up took their bag and left the room. After having the epiphany to respect all teachers they chose to on the very last day to be disrespectful.

Did Pride learn their lesson?  I can’t say. I might be somewhat sarcastic there. Did I want to leave the end of the year on a good note with Pride and Prejudice… of course. Was it disappointing that the lesson didn’t stick at least with one of my students? Extremely. Alas sometimes some people need a lesson twice, thrice before really learning it, and for some once is enough or maybe they were raised well enough that no lesson is required on respect, but I digress.

I am not going to judge Pride now, but I probably did at the time,  and I am quite disappointed in the anticlimatic ending not just for the ending sake, but for Pride’s. I was really hoping for a redemptive ending, one that inspired others that changing someone to be a better person is possible. And that Pride will go on making good choices for the rest of their lives.

All the positive behavior reinforcements out there couldn’t change this person,  because their positive reinforcement is disrespect and life just doesn’t work that way at all. Respect truly has to come from within us. Respect is valuable and gives us strength not weakness.  We can only of course change and improve ourselves, and through that improvement improve the lives of others, if they are ready to change and improve themselves. There’s that saying when the student is ready the teacher will appear well now I know why! (God definitely has a part to play in all this too).

Does that mean you have to accept disrespect? No. Absolutely not. But for a teacher we’re limited to so much we can do in the classroom, and then it’s really up to the parents after that point to teach their kids respect.

Upcoming post about how to not sweat the small stuff as a teacher/human being (and trust me I am still working on this) a brutal honest dialogue…. as well as some more England posts.

Life teaches that life doesn’t always have the perfect ending or the ending you may want, but it’s definitely there to teach you something more important. This ending goes against everything society thinks a good ending should be and maybe for good reason.

❤ Sarah






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