A 5 Day Trip to London: The Places I Recommend Doing and Not Doing

Five days in London isn’t a lot of time to do everything. Here are a list of places I recommend that are definitely worth doing, and places that I felt I would have had a better time without. Hopefully this helps in your decision making of what you would like to spend your time for a short trip to London.

The Don’ts

1.  Changing of the Guard


Although it is one of London’s iconic places to go see, I would honestly skip this if crowds aren’t your thing. If you aren’t there super early then you might as well not even go. Early as in a few hours. If you don’t get a good spot then it’s basically just standing around a bunch of people with selfie sticks in your face with people speaking in many different languages.

2.  The London Eye-Sort of20121566_680813398780214_1415486423082557357_o

A lot of Londoners will say to skip this, and go to Primrose Hill for free. The reason I say sort of is because I only recommend going on the London Eye if you purchased your ticket prior to going. I also highly recommend purchasing a group tour where you get Champagne as well. It isn’t that much more expensive, you skip the lines that might’ve taken hours, and you hop right on to your shared pod enjoying the sights instead. Did I mention that Champagne is included?

3. The Natural History MuseumIMG_1240

Other than architecture this really had me feeling like there was so much to see that felt like it was more for kids than for me personally. I definitely thought that I could’ve spent more time instead at the British Museum or going to another Market in London that I didn’t get to go see.

The Dos

1. Tower of London19780387_674318856096335_8790536070777434448_o

The Tower of London is definitely an all day thing, and I highly recommend. Learn about London’s history, England’s early Kings and Queens, and travel through a historic castle. The Crown Jewels is a must see and is included in your ticket. Take a tour with a Yeoman of the castle, who will also humor you, and tell you even more of the tower’s history.

2. The British Museum19693656_674319002762987_248665482259359457_o

The British Museum is an endless Museum of historic, natural artifacts, and artwork. So many floors to see and so much learning to be had. Your head will buzz from all the objects you see and read about. Your visit definitely could be an all day excursion.

3. Camden Market20121607_679351108926443_3198328847981206640_o.jpg

Camden Market is a hip place to buy tourist items, see beautiful art, and to shop in general. Enjoy a courtyard of little food stalls that are absolutely delicious that you will want to try them all.

4. The Globe Theatre-Depending19944455_676056239255930_8043374237138961671_o

If you are a Shakespeare fan then seeing a live play at The Globe Theatre is a must. If you aren’t so much a Shakespeare fanatic I would say to skip this. For me it was so much more than an enjoyable experience in which there are no words to express how amazing Shakespeare’s plays are live.


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