The Truth That No One Talks About In Front of Others

Society. Why does society not like hearing the truth about the way things are? Our society today should be called “The Masquerade of Lies.” A murder mystery, the ultimate betrayal in which we never really face our true selves, and we pretend we are so perfect on the outside yet are so afraid to face who we really are on the inside or the truth around us. It’s the monster behind the mask.

Culturally, socially, and individualistically we’ve cultivated ideas about ourselves and others. How we should act, believe, think, do, behave, ect ect. Sometimes we sacrifice ourselves and what we really need in order to conform to a notion of what’s acceptable. What’s never acceptable is acting in a way that takes away someone else’s human rights, but what I mean is sacrificing our own human rights to please others, to belong, or not stand out from the crowd (which is a weird reaction since we are all so unique yet I am guilty nonetheless). Society can’t stand the truth because it makes us take a look at our ugly mess that we’ve had some part to play in creating. Ugh

Here’s the ugly truth about truth, truth doesn’t seem as scary once you take a good look at it. Truth is actually kind of cool because it allows us to grow, change, evolve, allow blessings to happen, and become better human beings.

  • Truth is not philosophical. It is not something that can be debated. It is something based in fact/reality.

(However, then you get into the philosophy of how we perceive truth since each of us has technically a different reality or lense in which we see the world.)

But anywho,

  • Truth is simple, yet not always easy.
  • Opinions are not truth.
  • Observing without judging allows us to see truth at face value.
  • Stating what you observe/ learn from experience without opinions involved allows you to speak the truth.
  • When we speak/hear the truth it resonates and sets us free.
  • If you cannot learn you cannot know the truth.
  • If you think you know everything there is to know there’s no room for truth.
  • Truth never changes yet it changes everything all the time.
  • Maybe this is why Shakespeare liked paradoxes?
  • Truth is not emotion yet can bring us to tears of joy and sorrow.
  • Not everyone is ready to hear the truth.
  • Truth sometimes hurts our egos.
  • Sometimes we don’t want to accept the truth.
  • When we accept truth it allows us to grow to be better human beings.
  • Sometimes we avoid truth at all costs so we don’t have to feel hurt or we trade in temporarily for a false truth in the meantime so as not to rock the boat.
  • Wisdom is the result of not understanding the truth at an earlier time.
  • Someone’s opinion about you is not the truth, and vice versa.
  • But the truth is, is that using good judgement is always wise, and a good thing to do.


See Truth isn’t as scary as it seems does it? So then why is society so afraid of it?

We create more problems by avoiding, by denying, by pretending. Truth sets us free if we allow ourselves to be transformed by it.





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