Where the heck am I in all of this?

Change is inevitable.

Lake Tahoe 

The moments come and go in soft waves to and fro. They’re here and then no longer and in the no longer are here still.

It doesn’t matter if I’m thinking about the past in the moment. It doesn’t matter if I waste away these precious moments by seemingly important chitter chatter. The moment is wasted and gone forever. I could still cling to those wasted moments with guilt, but it would be a sight to see to catch water with bare hands. Then there’s another moment waiting for me if I’m lucky.

What to do with all these moments? What to do when the next moment hits and rolls with my being in it’s wave? IMG_7247.jpg

When I get there sometimes I don’t know what to do. I am stuck, a craggily and rigid rock. Shaped by the waves of moments into who I am Today. Waiting to be turned into something else perhaps.

Then I’m wishing I was a sea turtle or a whale or wait no dolphins are more intelligent. Free to swim wherever they please.

As I’m wishing, the waves keep swoosh swooshing and I’m waiting, wallowing in these moments of uncertainty.

A Moment lies between uncertainty and certainty. And underneath that is infinite potential. Where am I in all that?

#Shakespeare’stobeornottobeexistentialcrisis #wheretheheckamI



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