What Helped my Pregnancy Nausea 1st Time Mommy



Now that the word is facebook official that I’m pregnant I wanted to share some invaluable tips that I’ve learned about how to help Pregnancy nausea especially for first time mothers. If I could describe what pregnancy nausea was like, at least for me, it would be like if you had a permanent flu 24/7 lingering all day for months. It was like being seasick on a sailboat headed for the Americas in 1492 on Columbus’s Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. It was like…

really awful.

And I think I had pretty average pregnancy nausea compared to some other women too.

This is what helped me. Since every pregnant (inside joke actually said this and I blame it on pregnancy brain) out there is different this may or may not help. I’m hoping it does.

Tip #1 Eat lots of Protein

And I mean lots. I wasn’t eating anything except empty carbs during my nauseating moments. Unfortunately it created a sick cycle. When I started to add protein shakes, protein bars, bananas I then graduated to tofu, eggs, avocados since I could finally stomach them.

Tip #2 Switched to an Organic Prenatal with no DHA

I felt my search for a DHA free prenatal was nearly impossible. Then out of nowhere I got this tip from VasseurBeauty on youtube. She recommended Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal from Amazon. I took a look and what do you know no DHA!

If you’re wondering what DHA is its a polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid. Alternative research has been showing how horrible man made DHA is for the body, and actually causes certain cancers and speeds up the aging process which includes not just you, but in this case your baby. You will not find this research  very easily since it is a huge money making business. You can find more information through Atom Bergstrom’s research about DHA here…..

Switching to this prenatal was seriously the best thing I could have done for myself. I actually felt more energy and less nauseous within a few days and back to my normal self within a week.

Tip #3 Eat a Bigger Breakfast Duh

My typical breakfast pre pregnancy was 3-4 almonds soaked in water and a banana, apple, or orange. I tended to eat bigger meals later in the day. Now it’s somewhat flipped. I now typically eat my pre pregnancy breakfast plus another meal.

I now incorporate more variety of nuts like pine nuts (feel the boost), pistachios, and walnuts. If I have time like on the weekends I will make a smoothie with lots of fruit, yogurt, minerals, dates, and hemp seeds. If I’m pressed for time I to have some type of carb like a bagel, cereal, breakfast egg burrito, or oatmeal with a protein shake or else I’m starving by lunch time, and nausea creeps in.  After that it’s smooth sailing. Once I have a big breakfast my other meals tend to be smaller portions and more frequent throughout the day which helped my nausea tremendously.

Tip #4 Epsom Salt Bath with Peppermint Essential Oil

I didn’t know this at the time, but apparently Epsom Salt baths and peppermint essential oils do help with nausea after researching. I just took them because I felt better afterwards. Epsom salt helps balance your cortisol levels, which helps blood sugar levels. Put no more than 5 drops of peppermint essential oils in the water after pouring a few cups of epsom salt into the bath. I made the mistake of putting too many drops and lets just say my body started to feel like it was on fire.

Tip #5 Healing Music for Nausea

I was at school about to teach and feeling incredibly nauseous. I didn’t want to throw up in front of all the kids so before they came in I laid down and desperately youtubed music for nausea.

This instantly made my nausea subside for whatever reason. It wouldn’t always work for me especially if the nausea got to a certain point of no return this could not prevent me from vomiting. However, if I wasn’t already past that point this would instantly ease it away before it got worse.

What You Eat Does Matter

When I was nauseous I had no appetite. I didn’t want to eat ANYTHING. Everything sounded disgusting. At the same time your body is lacking the vital nutrients it needs to balance itself out for the nausea to go away so a sick cycle begins.

Slowly incorporating these tips helped cure my nausea. Eating crackers throughout the day did nothing for me. I tried to eat almonds instead and I threw those up. You will have to figure out what works best for your unique body and unique pregnancy. I am hoping these tips help you to find some relief in your journey.


❤ Sarah







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