My name is Sarah McCourt and this is my writing, teaching, and life journey  or snid bits and tips in written form. This blog will hopefully serve some purpose to help others on their journey in life. Perhaps also a memorabilia for my kids one day on their journey as well. This could also possibly serve as the start of a writing portfolio, who knows I have no idea!  These posts reveal how I have applied lessons learned in life from life itself aside from any specific religion, but of course God is always included. Life teaches you regardless. I hope to post ideas about teaching English to young ones, while at the same time create advice/discussions on topics that relate to the hardships, obstacles to balancing a healthy and happy life of this 21st century. Life is about learning. Sharing our experiences and values with others are intrinsic. This is my teaching journey. A non-stop trip on the road of Life.

-Life Teaches Everyone

-Sarah McCourt


p.s.s I have decided to merge the twin blogs into one. Life teaches everyone, teachers included. I cannot seem to separate one material from the other so I’m converging them into one whole. Let go Let God, Even Teachers are Taught.
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