Pre-training Baby for Sleep Training: No Expert Here

We all seem to be experts during this digital age with a strong opinion about everything, yet with so much information, beliefs, opinions, research, there’s really one thing left for us to do. Do what works boo. (We can talk about this in another post)

Why I almost gave up on breastfeeding…but didn’t: Breastfeeding Journey

Here is my horrible breastfeeding experience and what I did to not give up on it. Share if you know someone is struggling with breastfeeding and who needs helpful advice.

What Helped my Pregnancy Nausea 1st Time Mommy

  Now that the word is facebook official that I’m pregnant I wanted to share some invaluable tips that I’ve learned about how to help Pregnancy nausea especially for first time mothers. If I could describe what pregnancy nausea was like, at least for me, it would be like if you had a permanent flu…

The Importance of Tending to Your Garden for Teachers

  Your life is like a garden. How you tend to your garden determines if it will flourish. You can over tend to your garden by over thinking or you can under tend to your garden and not think about yourself at all. Life is about balance and something I know I struggle with on…

Parents, Too Much Screen Time is Harmful for Your Children

Parents, Too Much Screen Time is Harmful and Here’s Why…  This is a topic of concern for the well being of everyone.  Technology has changed our lives dramatically: from looking up directions in a telephone book to google maps, from knocking on someone’s door to see if they’re home to play   to preferring to…