Grand Canyon Experience on Memorial Day

How should we remember Memorial Day?


Lesson Reincarnate

You learn a lesson only to forget and then remember once again. This is my lesson reincarnated in the same exact situation repeating itself over and over. Dear Sarah, Do not dwell in making other people happy or to please them because God can only do that. Nothing you can do for someone else will…

Living A Balanced Lifestyle

>”Time ticks away once and then is gone, so spend it wisely. There’s never too much time spent nourishing yourself and your soul.” -You Know My own Quote This year has flown like a hawk dipping and diving. I don’t know if I told you but being a jobless graduate isn’t as bad as you…

Judging Others Means Judging Yourself; Caring what others think of you

We are all like a room full of mirrors reflecting the essence of who we are, identifying with each other’s experience, and being the creators of our own. In a span of a few minutes I had an interesting life lesson revealed. I found myself judging a yoga instructor on youtube, thinking, “Ahha! She isn’t…

Older Blog Posts

Since I merged the two blogs Life Teaches Us, here are some of my older posts regarding that site. “Dealing With it Tupac’s Style: Dark Side of the Moon” I am here to write about the dark side of the moon or when life gets tough and shoots lemons in your heart. The blood and…

The Middle Man: On the Inward Journey Home

I like to call myself the ‘middle man’ or so to speak. I speak for all the middle men on their journey’s through life. I like the idea that James Joyce wrote about common people. It’s the commonness that gets me to deal and heal with my flaws. It’s a journey inward home and bound….

Light at the End of the Tunnel

As I write my teaching journey I realize that finding a school that is right for you is of the upmost importance. Looking back and now ahead I realized that you have to look deep within yourself and assess whether or not you are vibing with the right school for you. Of course as a…

So far so good?

Sooooooo I finally got the job of my dreams right. Wrong. My first year of teaching has been one hella roller coasta ride…. Of love that is. Anywho let me explain why I would say that. I have never felt more exhausted and where bad and good days can change so fast between class periods….

The First Year

So the first year of teaching you are running around like a chicken without a head. You are a lost puppy looking sad and lost… Like a puppy. You are a wilting flower thirsty for some water…. No no you are a broken compass where north is pointing to the infinite sky of endless possibilities….

Getting to know other Like Minded Kindred Teachers

Since the long move to Ohio I haven’t met any potential friends. Well until… The oh so kind universe has concocted a meeting of kindred teachers of like mind. If your a teacher or soon to be it’s uber important to find teachers of like mind especially your first year of teaching. What do I…